Local 77 & 92-77 – Dalhousie University/NSAC Vote Results: Agreement Ratified

Good afternoon,

Your bargaining committee is pleased to announce that your new tentative agreement has been ratified by 91 per cent of the membership who voted. Members voted in favour of substantive improvements to offset the employer’s plan to alter the pension plan: an additional step increment of 4 per cent; as well as an additional week of vacation in the fifth year.

This was a difficult and complicated round of bargaining, and we could not have achieved these gains to your collective agreement without the support and engagement of you and your fellow members: thank you!

Congratulations on your new agreement.

Bargaining Committee:

Local 77 Pauline Fraser, pauline.fraser@dal.ca

Local 77 John Kyle, john.kyle@dal.ca

Local 77 Cherilyn MacIntosh, cherilyn.macintosh@dal.ca

Local 77 Tammy Zinck, tammy.zinck@dal.ca

Local 92-77 Cheryl Paris, cheryl.paris@dal.ca


Chief Negotiator Darryl Warren, dwarren@nsgeu.ca

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