Local 78B – National Passenger Services Bargaining Update: Next Steps

Dear members of Local 78B working for Stock Transportation (operating as National Passenger Service),

Thank you for your participation in the last two information sessions by Zoom.

On the calls we were able to share with you our disappointment with the Employer’s offer and our next steps in bargaining. Unfortunately, the Employer has tabled concessions in almost every area, including wages.

We will be organizing a strike vote as we move forward and are asking you to support your Bargaining Committee with a strong vote to strike in order to achieve a fair contract. A strong strike vote will give us strength as we enter into conciliation with the Employer and try to reach an agreement.

Your Bargaining Committee will be meeting on Tuesday next week and we will be sending you an information package soon after.

In order to reach all of our members, we will be emailing the package as well as mailing it by post to every member’s home address.

The information package will include our proposals and the Employer’s proposals, information about the strike vote, as well as a dial-in number for the next meeting.

Please note, you do not have to be on a computer to join our Zoom meetings. The meeting notices also have a dial-in number – you only need a phone.

Thank you again for your support and solidarity through this bargaining process so far. We are strong when we stand together.

Bargaining Committee

Darlene Maskell – darlenemaskell@accesswave.ca

Nora Bezanson – chefnora3426@hotmail.com

Linda Oakey – lindaoakey@hotmail.com

Janet Brine – presvac@hotmail.com

Chief Negotiator – Lloyd Samson – lsamson@nsgeu.ca

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