Local 78B – Stock Transportation: Preparing for the Bargaining Committee Election

Dear Local 78B members,

To those that were able to attend our Zoom introduction and Election run through last night, thank you. These continue to be challenging times and we are doing our best to support all Locals during the pandemic. To those who were unable to attend you can still participate in the election of your Bargaining Committee next week.

There are a few logistical details that were outlined last night that are listed below:

You must be a signed member in good standing to cast a vote to elect the Bargaining Committee. If you are unsure if you are a signed member please call the NSGEU office at 902-424-4063 and they can confirm if you a signed member or help you become one.

You must have video access by a computer, tablet, or phone to vote in the election. Members may listen to the meeting by phone but will be unable to cast a ballot. The NSGEU understands this presents a challenge but the current time constraints to elect a committee and the rules against in-person gatherings due to the pandemic we are doing our best to hold the election using the technology available to us.

Nominations for Bargaining Committee members must be submitted by email to communications@nsgeu.ca. The call for nominations will close at 5:00 pm, Thursday, May 28, 2020. Any member, even those who can’t participate on the election call, can nominate someone to run for the Bargaining Committee and you are allowed to nominate yourself. All nominated members will be asked if they will allow their name to stand before the election process begins.

Next week members will be sent another email with the Zoom Election log in details. When you log into the Zoom meeting on Thursday an NSGEU staff member will verify your identity and ensure you are a signed member and eligible to vote. Once you are verified you will be placed into the election room. This virtual roll call may take some time so your patience is appreciated.

Once all eligible voters are placed into the election room, we will begin the election process.

Voting will take place until four bargaining members have been elected along with four alternates.

Remember: you must be a signed member to vote, nominations need to be emailed before 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 28, and you must have video access to participate in the voting. The Zoom meeting log in information will be sent next week

It was a successful meeting last night and we thank you for your understanding and patience during the pandemic. The NSGEU is committed to serving our members during this unique situation

Thank you.

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