Local 88 – St.F.X.AUT shows support for Local 88

Local 88 Bargaining Update Bulletin

St.F.X.AUT shows support for Local 88

The Union has received overwhelming support from St. Francis Xavier University Association of University Teachers (StFXAUT), as well as individual faculty members, in the event Local 88 members go on strike. StFXAUT has committed to donating $2,000 per week to a Local 88 strike. As well, many individuals have indicated they would want to make a donation to striking NSGEU members. A group of librarians have committed to donate $850 to a Local 88 strike, and plan to picket alongside Local 88 members.

NSGEU appreciates the support shown by StFXAUT members at St. F.X. and are very happy to share this information with Local 88 members. The additional pledged money would greatly alleviate any financial burden that may result from a strike.

Additionally, some questions have come to your Bargaining Committee:

Q. My manager is asking me how to do my job.  What should I do?

A. If your manager or supervisor asks you how to do your job, you are obligated to answer their questions.  You are not obligated to volunteer information about your job to your manager to prepare them for a strike.  Please do not flatly refuse to provide any information about your job responsibilities to your manager if directed to do so, as this could lead to discipline.  If someone other than your manager asks about your job responsibilities, refer them to your manager.

It’s not unusual for employers to have a plan in the event of strike to continue the work of the organization, and this includes finding out what members of Local 88 do in their day-to-day work.  Employees covered by the N.S. Trade Union Act have the right to refuse doing a striking employee’s work without being disciplined, but other non-union employees do not have that right.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of your Bargaining Committee or the NSGEU Labour Resource Centre at 424-4063 or e-mail us at inquiry@nsgeu.ca.

Bargaining Committee

Karen Hamelin   khamelin@stfx.ca

Brenda McKenna    bmckenna@stfx.ca

Sheldon MacDonald  smacdona@stfx.ca

Tina Webber, Chief Negotiator




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