Local 89/90/91 – Negotiations Continue

Dear Local 89/90/91 members:

Negotiations between the Employer and the Union continued on Thursday, March 7th in Kentville. The talks were productive and progress was made on number of issues. The talks have been very respectful and we feel the employer is listening to our concerns.

We will be returning to the table on May 13th and 15th and remain hopeful that we will achieve a collective agreement that will be satisfactory to our members and will recognize the value of the services we provide.

Your bargaining committee thanks you for your continued support.


Bargaining Committee

Local 89

Heather Ann L Day          hday@ssdha.nshealth.ca

Michael C Joudrey           mjoudrey@ssdha.nshealth.ca

Donna M Norman            donna.bucky@ns.sympatico.ca


Local 90

Michelle Lee Doucette     mdoucette_411@hotmail.com

Robyn Goodwin                pubnico@ns.sympatico.ca

Wanda J Reid                    finance.rh@swndha.nshealth.ca


Local 91

Pearl Esther Galley           pgalley@avdha.nshealth.ca

Shelley A Hill                      sahill@avdha.nshealth.ca

Colleen Justice                   cjustice@avdha.nshealth.ca


Neil McNeil, Chief Negotiator

424-4063 or 1-877-556-7438



Tony Bremner, ERO

424-4063 or 1-877-556-7438



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