Local 92 – NSAC/Dalhousie University Bargaining Update and Notice re: Job Fact Sheets/Job Descriptions

Dear Local 92 member

Contract negotiations continue with Dalhousie University on the merger of Local 92 members into existing NSGEU bargaining units: either Local 77 (technical and administrative/clerical) or Local 99 (trades and custodial).

Bargaining Committees for the Union and Employer met in May and June and have confirmed further bargaining dates for July 18, 22 and 24.

We are pleased to advise that considerable progress has been achieved but we have some very important matters to conclude such as economic increases, hours of work, benefits and sick leave.  Also, a major issue being discussed at the table is how existing Local 92 positions would fit within the job classification systems in Local 77 or Local 99 (whichever is applicable).  The employer asked members to complete a Job Fact Sheet (Local 77) or provide comments to update the existing job description (Local 99).

At the Local 92 information meeting in April, many members asked how they can confirm whether the Job Fact Sheet or job description they submitted to Dalhousie Human Resources is the one the employer will use to evaluate their position using the Dalhousie systems.

NSGEU has received most of the completed Job Fact Sheets and job descriptions from the employer.

If you would like to receive the Job Fact Sheet or Job Description for your position, please contact your Employee Relations Officer (ERO), Tina Webber at twebber@nsgeu.ca or 424-4063 (toll-free 1-877-556-7438) and she can send it to you.  Once you receive it, please notify Tina Webber if you find any discrepancies or if you have any concerns by July 25, 2014.

Thank you very much for your attention and please watch for further bargaining updates.

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