Local 97 (CDHA Nurses) Final Offers Made During Mediation

As you are aware, on March 31st, 2014, while your bargaining committee and Capital Health were in the mediation process, the Liberal government introduced Bill 37 (An Act to Ensure the Provision of Essential Health and Community Services).

During the mediation process, both the Union and Capital Health presented a “Final Settlement Offer.” A copy of each offer is attached for your information.

In Capital Health’s final offer, the Employer did not address:

  •        Scheduling issues;
  •        Vacation scheduling;
  •        Replacement of RNs on sick leave or any other approved leave;
  •        Appropriate staffing levels;
  •        Pay issues for year three.

As you will see in the Union’s final settlement offer, we have made a significant change to the nurse to patient ratio issue in hopes of reaching an agreement. We believed that the Employer would want to ensure an appropriate level of staff was available so there would be no risk to providing safe patient care.

With respect to scheduling, they have no intention of addressing the concerns you raised. They advised that the four-on, five-off rotation would no longer exist. Essentially, they want full control over your scheduling and they want the right to discontinue any scheduling arrangement.

Please review the attached “Final Settlement Offers” from Capital Health and the Union. If you have any questions, you can contact a member of your bargaining committee.


Click here to view & download the employer’s final offer.


Click here to view & download the NSGEU’s final offer.


Bargaining Committee


Susan Dobbin              susandobbin72@gmail.com

Karen Ferguson           karenlocal97@live.ca

Karin Harrison              karin.harrison71@gmail.com

Janice Nicholson         janicenicholson575@gmail.com

Robert Chisholm          robert.chisholm@cdha.nshealth.ca


Linda Power, Chief Negotiator lhpower@eastlink.ca


Tony Bremner, ERO tbremner@nsgeu.ca

424-4063, 1-877-556-7438

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