LPN Reclassification: Next Steps

Good afternoon,

A number of NSGEU LPNs who work outside of the former CDHA have contacted the union to say they are upset that they are not included in the recent mediation that awards a 12 per cent wage increase to former CDHA LPNs.

They are rightfully upset. NSGEU’s position is that all LPNs throughout the province should receive equal pay for the important work they do. The day we achieved the 12 per cent award NSGEU began contacting government and your employers to demand the full benefit of the 12 per cent wage increase for all LPNs.

Government and your employer have dragged their feet long enough on this issue. Enough is enough.

We will be holding a telephone town hall meeting on Monday at 7:30 p.m. for all NSGEU LPNs so we can organize a campaign to pressure your employers and government to do the right thing. NSGEU will also explain the history behind the grievance and answer any questions you may have.

The NSGEU and other affected unions are now awaiting the official word from government on whether it will extend the award to all LPNs.

In the meantime, the NSGEU will be sending details later this week about the telephone town hall, so please check your email for further information on that and the campaign.

That campaign will focus on ensuring fairness now for all LPNs. Nova Scotia has had a 25-year history of parity for nurses across Nova Scotia. It is not fair that an LPN in rural Nova Scotia, Long-Term Care, Public Health or at the IWK should be paid less than a nurse at the former CDHA. We believe all Nova Scotians will support their LPNs in this fight.

The NSGEU and all other unions are also filing grievances on behalf of all of our LPNs across the province who did not receive the award. Those grievances will ask for immediate application of the award to all LPNs in Nova Scotia.

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