McNeil must take ownership for the health care crisis he helped create

Nova Scotia’s Auditor General did his job; now it’s time for Stephen McNeil to do his and take action to fix the current crisis in health care, says NSGEU Second Vice-President Kim Jenkins.

“The past few days Stephen McNeil has attacked the credibility of the Auditor General and his staff, something he does whenever his failed record on health care is called into question,” said Jenkins. “The real issue remains the crisis in health care that our members, working on the front lines, tell us is hurting patients, has left more than 100,000 people without a family doctor and is creating chaos in our hospitals and emergency rooms.”

Auditor General Michael Pickup issued his 2017 health-related performance audit report last week that included 21 recommendations, focusing on Family Doctor Resourcing, Mental Health, and Home Care.

“One thing is clear. Stephen McNeil has a bruise when it comes to doctor recruitment and health care and he attacks anyone who tries to hold him to account for his record of failure.”

“NSGEU members are calling on elected representatives from all parties to focus on the health care crisis and not give credibility to the Premier’s attempt at misdirection. Our members on the front line keep telling us they need help but the McNeil government consistently ignores their calls. Stephen McNeil’s failure in health care is the issue that needs discussion, not the mandate of the Auditor General.”

The Auditor General is scheduled to appear before the Nova Scotia Public Accounts Committee on Wednesday, November 29.

“People living without a family doctor and NSGEU health care professionals who work on the front lines need action to fix the crisis now,” said Jenkins. “What we don’t need is Trump-like attacks on the Auditor General.”


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