MEDIA RELEASE: Laid Off Workers Still Awaiting Placement As Government Privatizes

Contrary to recent statements made by Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane, many laid off civil service members are still awaiting placement.

In Monday’s edition of The Chronicle Herald, MacFarlane said of the 12 of the workers directly affected by the closure of the Pictou Visitor Information Centre: “All of them have been placed, have found work.”

That is not the case.

The NSGEU represents all of the workers who have been affected by the Liberal government’s latest round of cuts and layoffs in April. Last week, union representatives attended a transition meeting, and were advised that there are actually a total of 36 employees across government still awaiting placement – 18 full-time permanent and 18 seasonal staff. Four of these employees worked at the Pictou Visitor Information Centre.

Additionally, a report from the CBC indicates that Bay Ferries has agreed to a partnership arrangement with the government’s new tourism agency, which will place a tourism representative on the ferry to provide information to visitors. The article says that the position will be staffed by Bay Ferries, but this work was previously done by NSGEU members who worked at the Digby Visitor Information Centre. Six of those affected staff members are still waiting to be recalled.

The province has now laid-off our members, devolved their work from the civil service to a Crown Corporation, and privatized the service.

“This is a clear case of the Liberal government handing over public sector work and services to the private sector without any sound rationale,” said NSGEU President Joan Jessome.

“The government is accountable for the quality public services Nova Scotians rely on. Privatizing is only going to result in more low-paid work for our rural communities, where good jobs are needed now more than ever.”


The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union represents over 30,000 women and men who provide quality public services Nova Scotian’s count on every day.

For more information, please contact:

Holly Fraughton, NSGEU Communications Officer
902.424.4063 (office)
902.471.1781 (cell)

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