New Update for School Board Members

Following yesterday’s update and media release regarding the lack of response from the Minister of Education, Zach Churchill, (/nsgeu-school-board-support-staff-facing-the-unknown/) the Minister phoned President MacLean this morning confirming much of what we shared with you on January 30th.

  • the changes are in governance and not a change in employer
  • There will be no layoffs or changes to pension and benefit structures planned as part of the transformation. All pension and benefits plans administered by the Nova Scotia School Board Association will remain unchanged, however the NSSBA will be transformed into a new entity
  • Union representation will remain as it is now and we are to continue bargaining with your current employers on your behalf.

Speaking to the fact that the NSGEU was not consulted in this plan and the lack of communication since the announcement, Minister Churchill has committed to better communication in the future. Minister Churchill also committed to having further updates sent to you from his Department.

As we have promised before, as information becomes available we will share it with you.

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