NSGEU Calls on Labour Minister to Appoint Mediator

The NSGEU today called on Minister of Labour Kelly Regan to appoint a mediator to help resolve the outstanding differences between Local 97 nurses and the Capital District Health Authority.

“NSGEU nurses are trying hard to conclude a collective agreement that will address Capital Health’s scheduling practices and new policy of refusing to replace the first nurse who calls in sick. They are also fighting for the implementation of safe nurse to patient ratios,” says President Joan Jessome.

“The Union today wrote to the Minister of Labour asking for the appointment of a mediator in an effort to conclude a collective agreement. We believe the appointment of a good mediator can help resolve what appear to be insurmountable differences, so long as both parties are making good faith attempts to reach a deal.”

NSGEU Nurses are still very willing to work hard to reach a deal.

“Capital Health and the Province of Nova Scotia are the other parties to an agreement. If they are also prepared to bargain in good faith toward an agreement, then the appointment of a mediator would be of great assistance in helping the parties conclude a deal,” Jessome adds.

The appointment of a mediator is a common practice allowed under Section 40 of the Trade Union Act. The appointment is made by the Minister of Labour and can be requested by either or both parties. A mediator has no authority to impose a collective agreement, but is often helpful in pressuring all parties to compromise and reach a deal.

Letter to Labour Minister March 18


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For more information or to arrange an interview with NSGEU President, Joan Jessome, please contact:
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