NSGEU Welcomes 1st Vice-President Hugh Gillis as a full-time Employee

Dear Local Presidents,

With the NSGEU’s membership growing to over 33,000 members, the NSGEU’s 2022 Triennial Convention, passed a resolution directing the Board to establish a policy for the terms of employment of a second officer to work full time.

The Board of Directors met on July 12, 2022 the NSGEU Board of Directors approved a policy to have the First Vice-President apply to their employer for a leave of absence to serve the Union on a full-time basis. First Vice-President, Hugh Gillis will be serving the Union on a full-time basis for the balance of this term. During this term, Hugh will be assisting President Mullen and will work directly with local executives to strengthen the NSGEU throughout Nova Scotia.

The NSGEU extends a warm welcome to First Vice-President Hugh Gillis and Hugh is eager to work with all of you throughout the coming term.

In Solidarity,

Sandra Mullen

NSGEU President

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