NSLC full time members – please consider applying for Cannabis EOI positions

Dear Local 470 members;

We are reminding members that the competition closes for the Expression of Interest (EOI) internal process for newly created cannabis retailing positions Monday at 4 p.m. and are encouraging all full time members who are interested in learning about and working with this new category, including those on the eligibility list, to apply for this training. It is important that these cannabis positions be filled internally so that members on the full-time eligibility list will be able to move into vacancies in both liquor and cannabis sales.

This EOI is the first training opportunity and all members working in cannabis sales will eventually be cross trained and able to work in both liquor and cannabis sales.

This is a great opportunity for members in terms of training and has been a significant job creator in the sector. We have been in contact with the Employer through this posting process and we are in support of the steps they are taking to move members into positions with greater hours and permanency.

It is important that these cannabis positions be filled internally. Please apply.

Here is the information about the positions from the Employer:

The NSLC has the Expression of Interest for Cannabis Retailing Open

As the NSLC prepares for the legal sale of cannabis for recreational use, they are looking for full-time store clerks (or RPTs on the Eligibility List from the recent competition) who are interested in being part of the first wave of cannabis retailing.

If that’s you, then the call for Expression of Interest (EOI) is your opportunity to get involved. Tell the NSLC who you are, why you’d be good in the role, and where you’d prefer to work.

There will be opportunities for other NSLC employees to be trained in the months that follow, but right now the NSLC is looking for 60 employees to start. Over time, all store clerks will work in both cannabis and beverage alcohol in those stores that sell both.

If you want to be part of the cannabis retail team please read the EOI document carefully and then complete the survey. The EOI is posted on Swizzle’s Career Opportunities page. The deadline is Monday, April 30, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Career Opportunity – RPT Store Clerk

A Career Opportunity is available in the Customer Experience Business Unit for RPT Store Clerks. The Store Clerk is responsible for providing customer service using product knowledge, sales & other relevant techniques. The Store Clerk is also responsible for handling transactions, ensuring the Liquor Control Act is adhered to & keeping the store ready for business.

Further information on this position and information on how to apply is available by viewing the job posting on Swizzle’s Career Opportunities page. You must be a unionized store casual on or before the posting closing date. The deadline to submit your application to HR is Monday, April 30, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

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