Privacy Breach Update

This week the province sent out more than 23,000 letters to employees of Nova Scotia Health, the IWK Health Centre and public service employees who were impacted by the privacy breach.

The privacy breach was first discovered on June 1 and confirmed on June 3. The province offered those people who were impacted five years of credit monitoring and fraud protection with TransUnion and everyone is encouraged to contact your bank and keep an eye on your financial transactions.

The province has set up a webpage with information on the privacy breach. That website and all the information related to the credit monitoring and other details can be found here.

NSGEU President Sandra Mullen has requested a meeting with the Minister responsible to ensure that everything is being done to address the privacy breach and to protect the information of impacted people. The meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

As new information becomes available the union will keep you informed.

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