Reopening on Monday, February 7th for Member Meetings and Events

Starting Monday, February 7th, NSGEU will adopt the following practices for in-person member meetings. These practices are designed to keep members, staff, our families, and the public as safe as possible. They also allow NSGEU to open to capacity while staying within the Public Health guidelines as prescribed in Phase Five.

NSGEU will make the following changes to its practices for meetings in all NSGEU Offices (including bargaining and arbitrations) or any NSGEU organized events and meetings taking place outside our buildings (Local, Regional, Occupational, Committee, Education Meetings). Starting February 7th, any NSGEU organized events or events at the NSGEU building will require all attendees to demonstrate that they have two vaccinations, preferably in advance of arrival. Any individuals without two vaccinations may attend meetings virtually or by conference call where that can be arranged. NSGEU will make every effort to assist in helping groups make these arrangements.

As of February 7th, any visitor on the 1st floor must be masked unless seated. Physical distance of 6 feet must be maintained, and we have a maximum capacity of 50 members on the 1st floor.

Click here to view and download the NSGEU Vaccination Declaration

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