“Speak, Hear & Be Heard!”: Speech & Hearing Awareness Month

“Speak, Hear & Be Heard!”: Speech & Hearing Awareness Month

May is Speech & Hearing Awareness Month, when we take the time to recognize the valuable work being done through the treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.

Much of this work is being done by members of NSGEU Local 20, who work for Nova Scotia Hearing & Speech Centres, and members of Local 80, who work for the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA).

Communication health is an area of health care that is incredibly important: having the proper treatment available to you can be life-altering. Speech, language, and hearing disorders are common disabilities, but they are reversible and even preventable with early detection and intervention. That is why the work that you do is so important.

Whether you are a speech-language pathologist, audiologist, hearing aid technician, or a member of support staff, you help improve peoples’ lives. Thank you.

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