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The Nova Scotia Government has started their conversation with Nova Scotians on legalised marijuana sales.

The Government’s online survey asks for feedback on the following:

  • age 19 as the legal age of purchase and use
  • the sale of cannabis through a Crown corporation like the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation
  • where recreational cannabis can be used
  • drug-impaired driving

By choosing a publicly owned system, for marijuana distribution and retail, Nova Scotians can best protect Public Health and ensure legalized cannabis is handled in a socially responsible way. Simply put, if Nova Scotians own it, Nova Scotians can control it, If Nova Scotians own it then it will be Nova Scotians who determine how potential revenue streams are used going forward.

Honestly, would you prefer potential profits going to big companies located outside Nova Scotia or would you rather have profits stay right here at home, where they can used on health promotion, mental health services, education and infrastructure in your community? The legalization of marijuana is happening in July 2018, whether you and I like it or not. Why shouldn’t Nova Scotians benefit from this?

Earlier last week the NSGEU released titled “Cannabis distribution in Canada: A literature review of policy options and potential implications for public health” was sent to the government for their consideration. See the report here: .

Our report lays out a common sense plan that deals with the issues above.

There are private, profit driven companies out there who want to control the distribution and sale of marijuana in Nova Scotia and if you don’t think they aren’t lobbying government, you are sadly mistaken. They want control.  They want the profits. That means it is very important to make sure your voice is heard.

We need you to share the link below as widly as possible and urge your friends and families to respond as well and make sure you tell them why its important to have a publicly owned system of distribution and retail.

Please complete the survey here:

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