TAKE ACTION: Speak up against Bill 148

As you are likely aware, we recently received news that the Provincial government failed in its attempt to prove the Constitutionality of Bill 148 in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

Following this decision, Labour Minister Allan MacMaster made comments to reporters that his government would not repeal this public service wage suppression legislation, despite the fact his government promised to do so during the lead up to the last provincial election.

Furthermore, Minister MacMaster referred to Bill 148 as “redundant.”

Along with the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and the other unions who are working together to fight this anti-worker legislation, we issued a joint statement and pointed out the harmful impact Bill 148 has had on public sector workers, including limiting their wage increases and removing a hard-fought retirement benefit from their contracts.

We are asking you – as one of the workers who has been directly affected by this repressive legislation – to send a message to the Minister: This legislation is wrong. When the PCs were in Opposition, they voted against the Bill. Then, they promised to repeal it. It’s time to do the right thing.

Thank you!

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