Tentative Agreement Reached Between NSGEU Local 57 and Laing House

Halifax – The Local 57 bargaining committee, which represents workers at Laing House, has reached a tentative agreement that is being recommended to the membership for acceptance.

“We are very pleased to have achieved an agreement at the table, and to have an agreement we can present to the membership for a vote,” said Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union President Joan Jessome, “This will be the first contract for this group of workers, if ratified, and we are looking forward to working with this employer for many years to come.”

First Contract Legislation was designed to help parties reach a first collective agreement without resorting to strike or lockout. The possibility of an imposed agreement serves to encourage both the union and employer to compromise and find solutions. Furthermore, the Labour Board can offer the assistance of experienced senior labour, management and third-party representatives to help the parties reach an agreement.

Contrary to many recent stories in the media, and the opinion of some Progressive Conservative party members, it’s clear that first contract arbitration can generate freely bargained settlements that are both beneficial to employees and acceptable to employers.

We appreciate the role the Labour Board played in helping us to resolve our differences and come to an agreement that benefits both the workers and members they provide services to each and every day.

No further details of the collective agreement will be released until clients have had the opportunity to review the information.

There are approximately 15 members in Local 57, including Community Support Officers, Peer Support Workers, Administrative Assistants, Fund Development Officers, Communications staff, Community Development and Youth Speak Coordinators, and Janitorial Workers.


The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union represents over 30,000 women and men who provide quality public services Nova Scotians count on every day.

 For more information or to arrange an interview with NSGEU President Joan Jessome, please contact:

 Holly Fraughton, NSGEU Communications Officer
471.1781 (cell)
424.4063 (office)

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