Update for LPNs Working at Former CDHA

On Friday, February 12th, NSGEU staff and members of your LPN Reclassification Committee met with your Employer to listen to the Employer express their opinion that the role of the LPN has not changed substantially over the life of the Collective Agreement, which was signed in 2011. This was a required next step in the reclassification process.

The Employer noted that we had highlighted some changes in College requirements, not Employer requirements, in this process. However, we think the distinction is not a fair one, since the skills and abilities of the professional LPN were certainly used and actually required in the workplace.

The Employer also referred to the 6 per cent pay adjustment increase which was negotiated for LPNs in 2009. We do not think that this increase is commensurate with the full changes in the role.

The Employer argued that the substantial change in your role already occurred before 2011. They said that roles always evolve over time and that most LPN role changes were already operationalized by 2009.

As far as policy changes we had pointed out, that we believe show the enhancements to LPN practices, they say those are just updates in wording.

Suffice it to say, we are not on the same wavelength as the Employer as far as the extent or timing of the growth of the LPN role in the past five years.

The Employer is now required to put their rebuttals in writing so that we can move ahead to the next step of the process. They advised they hoped to provide these written rebuttals by February 26th.

We also discussed the next stage of resolving this dispute, and the fact that the Parties will have to agree on the Chair of the Steering Committee to decide upon any dispute. That is now being discussed by Directors of each side.

We will provide you with further updates as this process unfolds. We appreciate the patience you’ve shown throughout this lengthy process, and the assistance you’ve provided to us with gathering feedback and evidence.

Your LPN Reclassification Committee will be in touch with you again with another update soon.

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