Statement on Racism

The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU) stands in solidarity with the Halifax Hawks Minor Hockey Association and other associations across Nova Scotia in their support of Halifax Hawks #31, Mark Connors, and in their stand against racism and racist acts that continue in our society today.

The NSGEU applauds the bravery of Mr. Connors for bringing the issue forward and of his coaches and teammates for taking up the fight and taking a firm position that racism will not be tolerated and must be addressed.

Too often, racism is met with silence. Racism needs to be called out and people need to be held accountable. Reacting in silence and not challenging racist behavior is actually condoning it.

It is wrong to believe that this is simply an isolated incident confined to a single hockey game on Prince Edward Island: this is just another example of the systemic racism that continues throughout our society and the only way we can combat racism is to call it out when we see it, to support those who bring the issues to light, and to speak up!

Mark Connors showed great bravery in bringing this issue forward and his coaches, teammates, and the Halifax Hawks Minor Hockey Association should be proud of the support they have shown this young man. People from all backgrounds should be able to participate in hockey and in a society free of prejudice and discrimination.

Racism doesn’t belong in any sport or in our society. Speak up. Call it out. Report it.

Through our collective efforts, we can bring about change.

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