LPN Reclassification Update

A great deal of time has passed since the LPN Reclassification process was initiated by the union on your behalf.

This review was started years ago when the LPNs were still under the Health Care contract. As a result, the reclassification review process is different than is outlined in your current collective agreement.

LPNs were not utilized to their full scope of practice until a few years ago. Scope of practice and scope of employment are two different things. When your employer changed your scope of employment to match your scope of practice, there was no corresponding increase in compensation for the change in your work. As a result, the LPNs with the support of the union initiated the reclassification review process.

The employer has fought us every step of the way.

They objected to the fact that the union assisted the members in creating a job fact sheet and collecting supporting documentation. The employers also disagreed with the information provided in the job fact sheet. We then had to proceed to a hearing to determine the validity of the job fact sheet we had submitted.

There were a few alterations to the process as the result of this hearing and outcome, and the job fact sheet was reviewed again to ensure it met the requirements as decided by the arbitrator.

With the facts of the job agreed upon, the employer then argued that the work was not substantially altered, so the now-agreed-upon job fact sheet did not have to go through the joint review process.

Once again, we objected and went back to the arbitrator to have him decide on whether or not the agreed-upon job fact sheet will be reviewed by the committee.

Now, we are waiting for the arbitrator to make this decision. He has advised us that he hopes to make his ruling by mid-summer at the latest.

That decision will determine whether we are able to move forward with the review process. If we are successful, the job fact sheet will then go before the joint committee – which is comprised of three employee representatives (one from each bargaining unit) and three employer representatives – to make a decision, which will be binding.

This step of the process could take a few additional weeks, but once the committee meets, it should not take long for them to conduct the evaluation and render their decision.

If the decision of the committee is that your job has been substantially altered, there would be a corresponding salary adjustment made at that time. If the committee is unable to reach an agreement, there is an appeals process we can go through.

We understand that this has been a very lengthy and frustrating process, and many of you are feeling undervalued by your employer right now. We appreciate your patience in letting this complicated review process unfold, and we are hopeful that the outcome will be favourable.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the LPN reclassification review process, please contact a member of your Reclassification Committee:

Joy Ward

Trina Maugher

Odette MacLeod

Lynette Johnson

4 Responses to LPN Reclassification Update

  1. Darlene Duggan March 6, 2019 at 9:08 pm #

    Thankyou for the update, it’s reassuring to know you are on the job !

    • Lynne Millward March 17, 2019 at 7:55 pm #

      My retirement date is April 1st,2019 and because I took the payout, would I still be entitled to any arbitration and retroactive pay associated with this decison if we win?

      • Holly Fraughton March 18, 2019 at 3:52 pm #

        Hi Darlene, I’m not entirely sure! Your best bet is to contact us by calling 902-424-4063 and asking to speak with Brandon or Trish. Thanks!

  2. Goldamier Al kasem March 6, 2019 at 10:30 pm #

    To be honest I felt under valued and over used . LPN s has responsibilities the same as Rns .We received patients under the care of Rn from night shift to day shift and vice versa Lpn gets all the heavy care and cognitively unstable patients .
    My suggestion is why don’t you observe in the unit and see it by yourselves .The only difference now is we are not aloud to give IV meds and blood products which is already in the curricullum of LPN before 2010.Nova Scotia is very delayed in this matters . What is the use of learning it if you will not implement it. You can utilize LPN adjust the salary and let us do the full scope that is intended for us to go and the government ca save more money.Just think logically.

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