Dexter Government Taken In By Sweeping Promises

Dexter Government Taken In By Sweeping Promises: Betrays Fundamental Principles and Commitments

Halifax – The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union is upset with today’s announcement by Premier Dexter about IBM Canada joining forces with the government, five universities and the Nova Scotia Community College supposedly to create hundreds of new jobs over the next eight years at the cost of contracting out a public service to the private sector.

But, according to NSGEU President Joan Jessome, today’s announcement means the privatization of government SAP services and the loss of 65 jobs within government. Already, over 90 percent of our members indicated they do not intend to follow their jobs to IBM, and will try to find work within government in accordance with the job security provisions in their contract.

Our members pride themselves on providing quality SAP services to the public of Nova Scotia. Right now our members work in a team environment within government. They collaborate daily to solve problems for school boards, government departments, and other clients. They implement solutions quickly and efficiently with emphasis on quality service and innovative solutions, Our SAP members have been used as a model for other provinces looking to offer the services. They are efficient and dedicated.

Jessome explained: Twenty years ago in 1992 we heard the same type of hype and rhetoric when the Cameron government announced it had outsourced its computer systems to Systemhouse. More than a 100 jobs were to be created with a Client Server Services, a Technology Competence Centre and a telecare operation. For our members, this was a supposedly the “opportunity of a lifetime” that turned sour with layoffs two years later. The names may have changed with today’s announcement but we fear the same results.

We have to wonder what other vital program or service will be handed over to the private sector. A dangerous precedent has been set.

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