NSGEU President Jason MacLean called on Premier McNeil to focus all his energy on the safety of front line health care workers during this time of unprecedented danger facing those workers.

“Nova Scotia needs respirators, personal safety equipment and N95 masks. These are things the premier needs to focus on.”

MacLean made his comments after learning that Premier McNeil is allowing home delivery of alcohol from restaurants in Nova Scotia.

“The Premier needs to get his focus back on ensuring the safety of those who are caring for Nova Scotians. How is increasing contacts through home delivery of alcohol helping nurses, doctors, home care workers, group home workers and so many others who are putting themselves at risk every day for Nova Scotians.”

“Allowing a restaurant to deliver alcohol to people’s homes is a risk to the drivers and the public, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Jason MacLean, President of the NSGEU, which represents workers at the NSLC.

“Our members working in NSLC stores are extensively trained to ensure alcohol stays out of the hands of minors and those who are intoxicated and shouldn’t have it. Limiting alcohol sales to NSLC locations is also beneficial from a public health perspective as stores are ensuring adherence to all public health protocols.”

Mr. MacLean asked if the Premier had any public health justification for the sudden change.

Although we recognize the need to support the restaurant industry at this time, the decision to allow home delivery to include beer/wine/spirits may put alcohol in the hands of those who shouldn’t have it, including minors. It is also a risk to those who will deliver it in an uncontrolled environment.

There is a strong public health reason for controlling the sales of alcohol and it helps to keep Nova Scotia safe and healthy. This decision undermines the role the NSLC plays in our province and should be immediately reversed.


The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union represents over 30,000 women and men who provide quality public services Nova Scotians count on every day.

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