Update on Collective Bargaining for members of Locals 100, 104, 122, 193, and 195

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After 22 days of negotiations, multiple pieces of Liberal legislation attacking workers rights, and Employers who are attempting to take away key benefits from healthcare workers at the bargaining table, talks have finally broken down between the Nova Scotia Council of Healthcare Unions, the NSHA an[...]

PRESS RELEASE: NSGEU calls on McNeil Liberals to keep our blood supply safe and available for patients

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Protecting people from pay-for-plasma corporate interest is critical to keep our public healthcare system safe and available to every patient who need it, says Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union President Jason MacLean. Documents made public by the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party[...]

Support public retail of legal cannabis. Take the survey today!

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The Nova Scotia Government has started their conversation with Nova Scotians on legalised marijuana sales. The Government's online survey asks for feedback on the following: age 19 as the legal age of purchase and use the sale of cannabis through a Crown corporation like the Nova Scotia L[...]

Child Protection Social Workers burning out on McNeil's watch

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The McNeil government is putting the safety of children and families at risk by leaving Child Protection Social Workers over-worked and under-resourced says NSGEU President Jason MacLean. "Child Protection Social Workers are responsible for assessing and protecting the safety and well being of ki[...]
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