2016 Fine Arts/Amateur Sports Awards Recipients

The following people have been selected as recipients of the NSGEU’s 2016 Fine Arts/Amateur Sports Awards:

Fine Arts Award Recipients:

  • Corinne Lewandowski
  • Lilly MacIsaac (Lori MacDonald)
  • Gayla Cameron (Sophie Cameron)

Amateur Sports Award Recipients:

  • Josephine Chisholm (Charlene Kennedy-Chisholm)
  • Andrea O’Farrill (Danielle Hansen-O’Farrill)
  • Matthew Delano (Manon Hache)
  • Kayleigh Butler
  • Jeanne Ju
  • Blake Fenton (Sharon Fenton)
  • Julius McGee (Nancy Ali)
  • Chloe Delano (Manon Hache)
  • Thalia Moors (Jordan Moors)
  • Jon Goguen
  • Jaren Johnson (Lovessa Johnson)
  • Sophia Parker (Jacquelen Miller)

Each year, the NSGEU Social/Recreation Committee may issue up to 15 Amateur Sports Awards (of which up to three may be Fine Arts Awards) of $300 each to members, or children of members, who are amateur athletes or artists. These awards help defray the costs of participation in or training for sports or art.

For more information on NSGEU’s scholarships, bursaries and awards, please visit /education/scholarships-bursaries-awards/

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