Civil Service Bargaining Update: Relief Memorandum of Agreement

The employer and union have agreed to defer negotiation of the Relief Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to a subcommittee.

This particular MOA is an agreement between the employer and union that outlines what qualifies as relief work, how these workers are scheduled, and what benefits they qualify for. In certain sectors of the Civil Service, this MOA has been problematic. Because of the complexity of this issues, both sides have agreed to negotiate any changes for this MOA at a side table.

The parties are scheduled to meet on November 16th and 19th to negotiate potential changes to the current Relief Memorandum of Agreement.

In accordance with the Relief Memorandum of Agreement, the parties will engage the service of a Mediator to assist in resolving any outstanding concerns.

Should the parties not reach agreement after this process, either party may terminate the agreement.

This process will remain separate to the current Civil Service negotiations taking place between the parties.

The Relief Memorandum of Agreement Subcommittee:

Jim Gosse, Chief Negotiator

John Cook

Jason MacLean

Dustin Rioux

Dave Brewster

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