Do you use Gmail to communicate with us?

If the answer to that question is “Yes,” please read on!

You may have noticed that Gmail recently changed how emails are received and sorted. Now, all emails from NSGEU appear in your “Promotions” tab, which means you might miss out on important bargaining information.

If you want to make sure you see emails from the NSGEU in the future, simply follow the steps below:

1.      Go back to the Promotions screen by clicking the “Promotions” tab above, to the right;

2.      Right-click on an email from the NSGEU (we will be sending one to you shortly);

3.      Hover your mouse over “Move to tab” and select “Primary” to ensure our emails show up on your main account screen;

4.      You will see a yellow box pop up at the top of your screen asking if you want to “Do this for future messages from” Click “Yes.”


It’s as easy as that! Thanks for taking the time to make sure you receive our communications!

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