Health Care Bargaining Update: Health Care Bargaining to Begin in October

Good afternoon,

Late last week, the Council of Health Care Unions (NSGEU, NSNU, Unifor, and CUPE) provided your employer representatives (NSHA and IWK) with bargaining dates for the Health Care bargaining unit only.

Those dates are now set for early and mid-October.

The Health Care bargaining council will now begin with an exchange of proposals on Monday, October 3rd. The parties have agreed to hold the dates of October 4th and 5th in case they are needed to complete the exchange. Full collective bargaining for the Health Care bargaining unit will begin on October 13th and 14th. Further dates will be scheduled in the near future.

Neither the employers nor the Council expects to schedule dates for the remaining three bargaining units (Nursing, Administrative Professionals and Support Services) in the immediate future, as we agree that it is most efficient and productive to proceed with one group first.

In the meantime, essential services negotiations are continuing through the summer and into the fall.

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