Important message for Department of Community Services Case Aides

The NSGEU has been contacted by some Case Aides with concerns about their status as permanent employees.

In March 2017, DCS implemented a new model of service delivery with respect to the Access and Transportation of children brought into care. As a result of the implementation of this new model, the Employer eliminated the Counsellor (DCS Facilitator 2A (TE18) positions in the new program. It began to deliver access and transportation services of children in care using the Case Aide classification (TE10).

At the time of this new model being implemented, the Union had an outstanding grievance, alleging the Employer was utilizing relief employees to avoid filling permanent positions. The Union and the Employer came to a settlement that required the employer to post 33 permanent positions. Fifteen were posted as Group A and 18 as Group B.

The Union wants to assure employees who were placed in a Group B position that you are permanent employees. The only difference between a Group B employee and any other permanent employee within the Civil Service was the part of the settlement which said that Group B employees would not have access to the enhanced job security language of the collective agreement, also known as MOA #2 Until March 1, 2019.

So, in accordance with the settlement agreement, effective March 1, 2019, the 18 Group B employees have full access to Article 37, including the MOA #2, which provides the enhanced job security provisions.

If you have any questions or concerns as it relates to this, please call NSGEU and ask to speak to your Employee Relations Officer.

In Solidarity,

Dustin Rioux

Employee Relations Officer

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