Local 1670 – NS Liquor Corporation Managers & Assistant Managers Electronic Ratification Vote Results

Dear members of Local 1670,

The vote on your tentative agreement ended today at 5:00.

Your local has voted to accept the tentative agreement with 92% of those who voted, voting yes.

The bargaining committee would like to like to thank you for your support and patience during these negotiations.

Nicole A Holland, Nicole.Holland@mynslc.com

L Douglas Leyte, doug.leyte@mynslc.com

Jeff I Moody, jeff.moody@mynslc.com

Darren K Smith, darren.smith@mynslc.com

Monique A Zollner, monique.zollner@mynslc.com

Chief Negotiator Jim Gosse, jgosse@nsgeu.ca

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