Local 1670 – NS Liquor Corporation Managers & Assistant Managers Tentative Agreement Reached

Dear Local 1670 member,

Collective bargaining took place April 10th and 11th. Your bargaining committee has reached a tentative agreement with your Employer.

The tentative agreement provides improvements in both monetary and non-monetary items.

Your bargaining committee is recommending acceptance of this tentative agreement.

A Telephone Town Hall will be scheduled in the coming days along with dates for an electronic ratification vote. Information will be sent out soon with these dates and times.

The bargaining committee would like to like to thank you for your support and patience during these negotiations.

Nicole A Holland, Nicole.Holland@mynslc.com

L Douglas Leyte, doug.leyte@mynslc.com

Jeff I Moody, jeff.moody@mynslc.com

Darren K Smith, darren.smith@mynslc.com

Monique A Zollner, monique.zollner@mynslc.com


Chief Negotiator Jim Gosse, jgosse@nsgeu.ca

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