Local 92 Bargaining Update – June 30, 2015

Local 92 – NSAC/Dalhousie University

Update on the Memorandums of Agreement

The following is an update since the ratification of the Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) on June 5, 2015.


Please click here to view the highlights of the Local 77 MOA Tentative Agreement.
Please click here to view the highlights of the Local 99 MOA Tentative Agreement.

Retro pay:

You should now have received your first retroactive pay installment in your June 25, 2015 pay which will be retro from April 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

The remaining will be paid on July 10, 2015 (for Local 99) and July 27, 2015 (for Local 77).

You will receive a letter from the employer detailing your retroactive pay. Click here to view examples of lump sum payments.

You will also receive confirmation of your vacation entitlement beginning April 1, 2015. Click here to view a chart showing the application for vacation entitlements.

Note: these information sheets/forms have been corrected from those handed out at the ratification meetings. 

Transitioning to the Insured Benefit Plans:

As per the MOAs, you will be covered by the Dalhousie Insured Benefit Plans on July 1, 2015. You should have received information and forms from the employer.

Pension Plan:

Employees hired from September 1, 2012 up to the ratification date of June 5, will vote to either stay in the Public Service Superannuation Pension Plan or move to the Dalhousie Pension Plan. An information meeting has been scheduled with these members. Please contact NSGEU Pension and Benefits Officer, Corinne Carey, at 902-424-4063 or toll-free at 1-877-556-7438, for more information.

Retroactive Tuition Fee Wavier:

The employer is in the process of reviewing the employee names we provided to them who may have a claim for tuition fee reimbursement from September 1, 2012. The employer must review the eligibility of each member and then process the payment. They will advise the union once their review is complete.

Letters about the Job Evaluation or Job Classification Results:

You will receive a letter advising you of the outcome of your job evaluation (for Local 77) or your job classification (for Local 99) which will outline the appeal processes. The union is advised that this will take several more weeks.

Bargaining Committee:

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