LPN Reclassification Update

As you know, members of your Reclassification Committee and staff at the NSGEU have been working diligently for many months to try and achieve a reclassification for Licensed Practical Nurses of Local 101 (formerly Local 97).

As a result of the  July 3rd arbitration session with Arbitrator Bruce Outhouse, we must obtain more examples of how the duties and/or responsibilities of the LPN position have changed and the effective date of these changes. As such, the NSGEU and the Reclassification Committee will need to collect additional supporting documentation from the nursing units.

We will be soon in touch with all LPNs represented by the NSGEU to gather additional information and to ask you all to help search for documentation about changes that have been made in your role as LPN since 2011, including increases in your responsibility to assess patients, to guide other health staff, and to employ Post-Entry Level Competencies (PELCs).

We continue to pursue this matter and will take whatever steps are necessary to have the LPN position valued for the role it actually performs.

For more background on the work your Reclassification Committee has done to this point, please click here.

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