Update on LPN Reclassification (June 9, 2015)

Much work has been done on trying to move your classification review forward.  As you know, in March of last year we submitted an extremely comprehensive Job Fact Sheet (JFS) to the employer. It included thirteen written pages of examples and descriptions of how the role of LPN has changed. We also appended to the JFS approximately 17 policies and educational requirements and job descriptions that demonstrated exactly what we were saying. All told, we submitted more than 100 pages of very solid information in support of reclassification to your employer.

Initially, your employer asked for an extension since the information was so extensive. We granted this extension. Then, they asked for another extension; we gave that too, still hoping for a fair assessment, and also because the new Job Evaluation Committee still needed training to ensure they were ready to review the document. This was what was happening as we went in to the summer. We told you we would not let the vacation period stop on our work on this, and we did not.

In July of last year, our staff met with Capital Health representatives on this matter to try to elicit their response. At that time, we were told that the JFS did not contain enough information, and that Capital Health LPNs were already the highest paid in Atlantic Canada, as well as a few other objections and complaints. Our staff met in the summer and then responded to the objections and complaints made by Capital Health, and we also took steps to expedite the training of the joint Job Evaluation Committee which was completed.

In September, we also consulted our legal advisors about our progress on this issue, and how to navigate the path forward in spite of objections and delays on the part of your employer. We grieved your employer’s refusal to provide a clear response on the content of the JFS and their failure to move this assessment to the Job Evaluation Committee.

After the grievance process was exhausted and as your employer continued in its refusal to move the assessment forward we referred the grievance to arbitration.  A hearing date of July 3, 2015, has now been scheduled to resolve the issue of the employer’s refusal to move the assessment forward.

We continue to pursue this matter and will take whatever steps are necessary to have the LPN position valued for the role it actually performs.

Here’s what you can do to help: Talk to, or email your manager and ask them to tell HR to stop stalling and get this dealt with fairly.

Please let us know how they respond.

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