We Need Your Help: Input On Various Classifications

Arbitrator James Dorsey has scheduled the dates of February 2nd to February 6th for the continuation of the hearing arising from Bill 1 (the Health Authorities Act).

Over that five-day period, Mr. Dorsey will hear submissions from the four unions and the employer regarding the placement of classifications/jobs within the four bargaining units (Nursing, Health Care, Support and Clerical).

Mr. Dorsey has reserved judgment on deciding which bargaining unit the following classifications/jobs shall be placed (please see the list at the bottom of this email). We are asking you to please review this list.

If your classification/job is part of this list we ask that you email the NSGEU as soon as possible (inquiry@nsgeu.ca) and provide us with the following information (please keep your answers as brief as possible):

  • Your name & job title/classification;
  • What functions do you perform that are directly or indirectly related to the assessment and treatment of patients?
  • What functions do you perform that involve regular collaboration with other members providing patient care?
  • What work do you perform that is unique to the provision of health services (ie. work that would not performed anywhere else but in health services)?

To ensure our submissions are ready for the continuation of the hearing, your responses must be received by no later than noon Wednesday, January 28th.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this very important project! We will keep you updated as this process unfolds.


  1. Biomedical Engineering Tech
  2. Chief Dialysis Technologist
  3. Electronics Engineering Tech B
  4. Environment Technologist
  5. Medical Physics Assistant 2
  6. Orthotic Technician
  7. Orthotics Prosthetics Tech
  8. Orthotics/Prosthetics Technician 1 Unregistered
  9. Collaboration & Desktop Security Administrator
  10. Computer Services Officer 2C
  11. Coordinator Application
  12. Coordination Information
  13. Coordinator Information Systems
  14. Data/Business Analyst – Pathology Informatics
  15. Database Analyst
  16. Information Processing Tech A
  17. Information System Analyst
  18. Information System Technician
  19. Mechanical Tech 2
  20. Network Analyst 2
  21. Network Engineer
  22. Senior Computer Operator
  23. Senior Equipment Repair Tech 1
  24. Systems Analyst 1
  25. Systems Analyst 2
  26. Systems Educator
  27. Technical Analyst
  28. Technical Support Representative Level 1
  29. Telehealth Analyst
  30. Training & Productivity Analyst
  31. Geriatric Care Coordinator
  32. Infection Control
  33. Coordinator Crisis Team
  34. Optimal Care Coordinator
  35. Care Coordinator Day Treatment
  36. Coordinator Clinical Infomatics
  37. Coordinator Case Management
  38. Coordinator Colposcopy Program
  39. SPD Aide
  40. SPD Team Leader
  41. CSR Technician
  42. OR SPD Liaison
  43. OR CSPD Technician
  44. Sterile Processing Technician
  45. Sterile Processing Technician Staff Developer
  46. Renal Assistant
  47. Unit Aide
  48. Patient Attendant
  49. Animal Quarters Technician
  50. Medical Photographer
  51. Wheelchair Service Tech
  52. Patient Navigator
  53. Crisis Intervener
  54. System Navigator
  55. Coordinator Clinical Resource
  56. Coordinator Surgical Info Systems
  57. District Access Manager
  58. Organ & Tissue Resource
  59. Advisor Patient & Public Engagement
  60. Childhood Educator
  61. Coordinator Affiliate Placement
  62. Coordinator Clinical Product
  63. Coordinator Community Health Board
  64. Coordinator Early Psychosis Education
  65. Coordinator Education & Advanced Trauma
  66. Coordinator Health Promotions
  67. Coordinator Palliative Care
  68. Coordinator PHC Connections
  69. Coordinator PHC Program
  70. Coordinator Primary Health Care
  71. Coordinator Primary Health Care Project
  72. Coordinator Simulation Services
  73. Coordinator Stroke Program
  74. Coordinator Trauma Registry
  75. Health Records Administrator
  76. Health Records Technician
  77. Knowledge Exchange Facilitator
  78. Librarian Educator
  79. Program Admin Officer Cancer Care NS
  80. Project Coordinator
  81. Project Coordinator NSH
  82. Project Officer Education
  83. Project Officer Rehab
  84. Project Officer Research
  85. Data Integrity Auditor
  86. Data Integrity Officer
  87. Registry Assistant
  88. Research & Statistics Officer 1A
  89. Coordinator Education
  90. Coordinator Prevention & Health Promotion
  91. Coordinator Prevention Project
  92. Coordinator Quality Management
  93. Coordinator Social Marketing
  94. Data & System Quality Leader
  95. Health Equity Promoter
  96. Health Equity Team Lead
  97. Health Promoter
  98. Health Promotion & Prevention Team Lead
  99. Health Promotion Specialist
  100. Healthy Development Team Lead
  101. Planning & Development Officer
  102. Prevention & Education Officer
  103. Program Administration Officer Drug Addiction Health Promotion
  104. Program Administration Officer Gambling Health Promotion
  105. Program Administration Officer Gaming Strategy
  106. Program Administration Officer Smoking Treatment/Cessation
  107. Program Administration Officer Tobacco Reduction Health
  108. Project Assistant
  109. Tissue Bank Customer Service Representative
  110. Architectural Assistant 2
  111. Audiovisual Technician B
  112. Community Development Advisor
  113. Coordinator Clinical Data
  114. Coordinator Continuing Care Education
  115. Coordinator Diversity & Inclusion
  116. Coordinator French Languages
  117. Coordinator Healthy Built Environment
  118. Coordinator Safety
  119. Coordinator Supported Work
  120. Coordinator Workplace Health Promotion
  121. Drafting & Illustration Tech
  122. Financial Services Officer A
  123. Funding Officer
  124. Graphic Designer
  125. Health Interpretation Officer
  126. Product Factor Utilization Officer
  127. Registry Assistant
  128. Safety Response Officer
  129. Voice Analyst
  130. Coding Classification Specialist
  131. Coordinator Funding
  132. Coordinator Funding Remedial Seating
  133. Coordinator Volunteer Services
  134. Coordinator Volunteer Services
  135. Coordinator Wellness Program
  136. Health Educator
  137. Health Promotion Team Lead
  138. Quality Safety & Accountability Advisor
  139. Quality Technician
  140. Screening Access Officer
  141. AV Library Technician
  142. Health Sciences Librarian
  143. Librarian
  144. Library Assistant
  145. Library Technician

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