Union Matters Podcast: 2019 Recap

Union Matters’ host Holly Fraughton and President Jason MacLean take a journey through some of the highlights of 2019 and into some of the challenges our members are currently facing and what lies ahead for 2020.

The range of topics includes: our new NSGEU Educational Program; Health Care bargaining; OHS issues for our Corrections Officers and members working at the East Coast Forensic Hospital; our fight to win paid domestic violence leave; NSGEU Committees and campaigns, such as Sock it to Poverty, the Lodge that Gives, Cancer Care Fund, and Period Poverty; our current campaign against P3 hospital builds; changes at the WCB; LPN reclassification; Northwood computer virus mayhem; layoffs at Emerald Hall; and more! It’s an hour long, but worth every minute – so listen in.

Full transcript to follow!

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