Union Matters Episode #3: Crisis in Health Care

On this week’s podcast, we speak with Chris Parsons, Provincial Coordinator for the Nova Scotia Health Coalition and Gordon MacDonald from Capers 4 Health Care about the crisis in health care in Nova Scotia.

In June, the government suddenly announced the shuttering of two hospitals in Cape Breton leaving Cape Bretoners in a highly uncertain situation. Gordon MacDonald discusses how this has affected his community. Chris Parsons discusses the real cost of P3 hospitals and the threat of increased privatization in health care as well as the social and economic determinants of health.

“Health Care represents all these wider questions about the kind of world we want to build. As Nova Scotians, when we ask about who should make decisions about what is best for the public – the public should make those decisions and they should be democratically arrived at. We see an assault on that when we see the decision to close to hospitals in Cape Breton without any public consultation.” Chris Parsons

“[the closures of the hospitals] were a complete surprise to everybody. Nobody knew what was coming. That was not the message they [government] was giving in the legislature. They had been asked many times by the opposition members of the legislative assembly Tammy Martin and Eddy Orrell, who represent people here in Cape Breton. They were told the hospitals were safe and they were not closing – that the problem is the emergency rooms and they have to get some doctors – and that will all be taken care of….But lo and behold, that proved not to be the case.” Gordon MacDonald

Note: Capers 4 Health Care and NS Health Coalition representatives are participating in a rally at Health Care Minister Randy DeLorey’s Constituency Office in Antigonish on November 16th to call for answers after hospital closures in Cape Breton. To register for the bus trip or to find out more information, there is a Facebook event – click here:

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