Urgent call to all members – Sign up to speak against Bill 148 at Law Amendments

Call 902-424-8941

Have your say about Bill 148, Public Service Sustainability Act, that legislates a four (4) year wage pattern including a two year wage freeze, among other things.

This is your chance to be heard so speak up now!

Law amendments is a special process in Nova Scotia that allows any resident to speak their mind on any legislation before the House of Assembly. It will be sitting beginning today at 5:30 p.m.

To sign up for Law Amendments you need to call the Legislative Council Office at  (902) 424-8941.  Tell them you want to speak on Bill 148.  They will give you a time to come to the Legislature and speak before a group of MLAs.  You are supposed to get 15 minutes to speak, but will more likely get 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions from the MLAs.

You can speak about any aspect of Bill 148 that you want.  Some ideas could include:

  • Your working conditions in the Civil Service, schools, group homes, our hospitals, etc
  • How wage restraint will impact you and your family
  • The undemocratic nature of how this Bill has been introduced
  • The disrespect the Liberals are showing public sector workers by passing this law
  • The need to respect collective bargaining
  • Anything else connected to this legislation

Key points:

  • Bill 148 is unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court has ruled that collective bargaining is a right.  A similar case to this legislation is already working its way through the courts.
  • Stephen McNeil and the Liberals have a history of attacking workers’ rights.  Since they were elected they passed laws making it harder to get a first contract, took away the right to strike from 30,000 health care workers, tried to legislate people into different unions, and now are trying to legislate contracts into place.
  • This legislation is extremely undemocratic. The Liberals are so embarrassed of their own legislation that they opened Province House at midnight in a winter storm, so that the public couldn’t pay attention to what was happening.
  • Public sector workers didn’t cause the economic problems in our province.  The problems started in 2008, when the banks crashed the economy.
  • We have a revenue problem in Nova Scotia and wage freezes and selling off our profitable registries to private companies won’t help that.
  • We need to retain talented and skilled public sector workers.  This is difficult to do when wages and working conditions are better in provinces like Ontario and Alberta. This legislation does nothing to recruit and retain public sector workers.
  • This legislation is seriously impacting morale among public sector workers.

When getting ready to speak at Law Amendments, write down a few notes to guide your comments.

If you haven’t done this before, you might be a little nervous – don’t worry! The process is easy and the goal is really just to give your thoughts on the legislation.

This is your one chance to give the politicians an earful –  use it!

Thank you to the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour for their helpful notes. 

3 Responses to Urgent call to all members – Sign up to speak against Bill 148 at Law Amendments

  1. Tina Taylor December 16, 2015 at 10:08 am #

    Late summer or early fall this year Egg Films closed its doors on operating in Nova Scotia after a lengthy fight with IATSE over unionization. Their position generally was that they could not afford to operate in a unionized environment. This is the same argument many employers have when it comes to negotiation. Unfortunately, Egg Films was not in a position to create legislation that would put themselves in a favourable position. This government is clearly abusing a power that is not afforded to the average employer. It is absolutely wrong.

    As an employee of this province I have been required to do more and more with less and less over the course of my worklife. The other night on the news I watched the story of how this govt is bringing in this legislation followed by the story of how Canadians are carrying higher and higher debt loads. With the cost of living increasing and wages remaining stagnant, the only way to keep up is to go into further debt.

    There are probably few things in life that are worth fighting for. One is my family and another is this legislation. It doesn’t matter to me whether they legislate or not, I am going to vote no to the contract. I believe this is definitely worth the Canadian Labour Congress getting involved if necessary and take this to the Supreme Court of Canada! Fight! Fight! Fight!

  2. Barb MacKeigan December 16, 2015 at 10:52 am #

    Our leaders are trying to destroy my life, tell them to go and get groceries, gas, heating oil, power bill and just trying to survive. I have an 18 year old daughter who just started college and I am a single parent and I secretary for Continuing Care and each year the prices keep going up but do they take this into account…no. They are getting high salaries and pension just by be a member of parliament for a couple of years.

    My job has doubled since one of our secretaries died. They say they are hiring someone to replace her…when?? I am trying to keep most things up to date but I cannot keep doing two jobs. It is now 11 months, are they going to fill her job???

    Sorry but I guess things are getting too me with no light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope someone listens to me.


  3. Jennifer Downey December 16, 2015 at 10:52 am #

    The government have no right to treat us with so much disrespect this is unacceptable. I disagree with their way of dealing and making decisions for our life and putting us in the poor house while land they are landing them self in the rich house as long as they’re on top, forget about the rest of us like you and I. Pray that we all come together & show that we do not agree with what the government have plan for us. We can beat this if we stand together.


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