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Amendments to the Workers Compensation Act

Dear members, Please be advised that amendments to the Workers Compensation Act, regarding automatic coverage for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), have been tabled in the legislature and will soon be sent to Law Amendments Committee where you have the opportunity to provide input to government. Here is a link to the bill: If passed, […]

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Fight Back Against Bill 148

Bill 148, the Public Service Sustainability Act, will, if proclaimed, impose a four year wage pattern of 0%,0%,1%,1.5%, and 0.5% (on the last day of the contract) on thousands of members working in virtually all sectors represented by the NSGEU. The Bill will also, if proclaimed, end the accrual of long service awards for those members who […]

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Speak Up Against Bill 100 at Law Amendments – Sign up now!

Bill 100 (Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act) Workers’ rights are under attack again! Please sign up to speak to the Law Amendments Committee. Please call 902-424-8941 or email as soon as possible!  This time government is targeting Universities! Tell government to remove Section 8 and all related articles in the Bill that violate workers’ charter […]

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How Did Bill 1 Affect You?

We realize that our members working in the acute health care system have gone through a lot of stress as a result of the Liberal government’s Bill 1. While we are all tired and eager to move on from the turmoil of the past six months, it’s important that we tell this government how their […]

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Speaking at Law Amendments

 Some Key Points to Raise with the Law Amendments Committee on The New Health Authorities Act Call 902-424-8941 My name is __________________. I am a _______________ who has worked for ______ years. I work with ______________.  I do not support any legislation that will result in health care workers being forced into a union without […]

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Speak Out Against Essential Services Legislation!

Tonight, the Liberal government has introduced essential services legislation that affects ALL health care and community service workers in this province. Essential services legislation significantly reduces the union’s ability to bargain with any employer. It absolutely diminishes your bargaining power. Make no mistake. It will shift the balance of power in negotiations strongly in favour of […]

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