Speak Up Against Bill 100 at Law Amendments – Sign up now!

Bill 100 (Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act)

Workers’ rights are under attack again!

Please sign up to speak to the Law Amendments Committee.

Please call 902-424-8941 or email legc.office@novascotia.ca as soon as possible! 

This time government is targeting Universities!

Tell government to remove Section 8 and all related articles in the Bill that violate workers’ charter rights.

The Law Amendments Committee hearing for Bill 100 begins at 9am on Thursday, April 30. We need people to sign up to speak to the Committee about their concerns with this legislation as SOON AS POSSIBLE!

This is your right as a citizen of Nova Scotia and is open to anyone who would like to comment on the legislation. The Chief Legislative Counsel is Mr. Gordon Hebb and the number to call is 902-424-8941 or by email at legc.office@novascotia.ca.

All speakers have a limit of five minutes to present.

Download speaking notes and information about speaking at Law Amendments here. 

You can view the Bill here.

If you cannot attend the hearing of the Law Amendments Committee but wish to make a submission, you can do so by sending written comments by fax or by email to the Legislative Counsel Office at 902-424-0547 (fax) or legc.office@novascotia.ca (email).


Bill 100 “Universities Accountability and Sustainability Act” was introduced by the Liberal government on Wed., April 22 and promoted as a Bill designed to make universities more accountable. Who doesn’t want universities to be more accountable and sustainable? However, the Bill contains a stealthy section, Section 8, that if left in, gives unprecedented power to the universities to take away workers’ rights and dictate their own terms.
Section 8 of Bill 100 makes it possible for a university with a “significant operating deficit” to initiate a restructuring process to produce a “revitalization plan” in order to continue to receive government funding.

Once the university enters this process, the university can forbid the signing of any collective agreement, ban strikes, and take away the ability of unionized employees to start or continue any grievance that relates to the revitalization plan or process. All the employer must do is give notice to the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education.

Post-secondary workers have the constitutional right to free collective bargaining and the right-to-strike under the Trade Union Act. This Bill overrides rights in both of these areas by giving the university unilateral powers.

Tell the Premier to remove Section 8 and related provisions from this Bill and to stop attacking workers’ rights.

You can see our press release on Bill 100 here.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the NSGEU by calling 902-424-4063 (toll-free 1-877-556-7438).

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