Local 24 – Crothall Laundry Services Bargaining Update: Contract Ratified

Your bargaining committee is pleased to announce that your new collective agreement has been ratified. 97 per cent of members who cast ballots voted in favour of the agreement.

Your collective agreement advises that retroactivity will be paid within 60 days of the signing of the agreement. We will follow up with retroactive payment dates as soon as we confirm these details with the employer.

Additionally, the inclusion of Casuals within the bargaining unit will commence upon the signing of the collective agreement.

This collective agreement has historical changes to your overtime provisions, bereavement leave provision, pension plan, and the establishment of an LTD plan. There was also a substantial achievement for Casual employees, who will now be included in your bargaining unit.

Your committee members appreciate the ongoing support of the membership during this difficult round of bargaining. The NSGEU would like to thank the members of your bargaining committee for their hard work and dedication, as well.

Rosemary Mills, rosie_roadhammer@hotmail.com

Dianne McCallister, diannemcallister@outlook.com

Ray McCallister, rmcallister63@outlook.com

Gina Boyd, chief Negotiator, gboyd@nsgeu.ca

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