NSH – Nursing Central Zone & IWK LPNs Bargaining Update

Dear member,

The Nursing Bargaining Council continues to prepare for bargaining to begin. NSGEU’s members on the committee have met and drafted proposals based on responses from our members’ survey and will bring these proposals forward to the larger committee.

Prior to commencing bargaining in this round, the four health care Councils (comprised of NSNU, NSGEU, CUPE and Unifor) determined that the Health Care Bargaining Council would be first at the table. The Nursing Bargaining Council made the strategic decision to begin bargaining after the other three groups had conclude, and that was agreed to by all unions in the executive council.

Nova Scotia Health (NSH), the IWK Health Centre and the Nova Scotia Council of Health Care Unions reached a new collective agreement for health-care workers in July 2021. The Health Support Bargaining Council began its negotiations in fall of 2021. Talks recently reached an impasse, with the unions filing for conciliation. The final conciliation date is scheduled for July 29. Administrative Professionals bargaining is expected to begin by the fall.

The full Nurse Bargaining Council is now scheduled to meet October 25 and 26 and November 28 and 29 to discuss and finalize proposals. In the interim, staff continue to perform research and cross-country comparisons while closely monitoring changes to compensation and contract language elsewhere.

The Essential Health and Community Services Act is legislation that requires employers and unions to establish guaranteed staffing requirements in the event of a strike or disruption in services. Work on this is also underway.

We understand that the past few years have been extremely difficult on all our nursing members. Working conditions have gotten exponentially worse as a result of the pandemic. We thank you for your dedication, patience and support as we move ahead with this round of bargaining.

The Health Authorities Act, passed by the provincial government in 2014, requires all nurses employed at Nova Scotia Health (NSH) and IWK to bargain together in a Council of Nursing Unions. Under the four Council constitutions, one union appoints the chief negotiator for each Council. The NSNU appoints the Chief Negotiator for the Nursing Council and has the majority of bargaining committee members. NSGEU appoints the Deputy Chief Negotiator and holds the second largest number of seats on the committee (you can view the Council Constitutions here.)

If you have questions or concerns about the bargaining process, you can reach out to one of the NSGEU members on the bargaining council:

  • Angie Chasse-Naugler, Local 195
  • Lisa Clowater, Local 101
  • Tricia MacLean, Local 101
  • Kelly Parsons, Local 101
  • Rochelle Ryan, Local 101
  • Kerri Webster-McIsaac, Local 101 & Co-Chair
  • Lynette Johnson, NSGEU Deputy Negotiator

Please keep an eye out for further updates.

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