VOTE REMINDER: Health Administrative Professionals Strike Vote Deadline 4pm, June 23

Electronic strike votes began for NSGEU and Unifor members on Monday, June 5th. CUPE Local 8920 members began their paper ballot strike votes on Monday, June 12th.

Under the Nova Scotia Trade Union Act, a strike vote will only be deemed successful if the majority of members in the bargaining unit vote in favour. Even if a member does not cast a ballot, they’ll be counted as having voted “no”. There are close to 5,000 members in the provincial Administrative Professional Bargaining Unit (which includes members of all three unions). If even 20 per cent of members don’t turn out to vote, that could swing the vote against authorizing job action, and weaken your bargaining committee’s position at the bargaining table.

Turnout has been good so far across all three unions, but we’d like to see more members cast their ballots before we count to ensure that the results represent the true will of the membership.

CUPE Local 8920 ballot boxes will remain open for the week of June 19th. NSGEU and Unifor electronic balloting will remain open until Friday, June 23rd.

Please talk with your coworkers and spread the word. If your colleagues have yet to cast their ballots, please encourage them to vote as soon as possible.

Information pamphlets and FAQ’s have been distributed, and we have held meetings with members over the past weeks. We have the employers’ attention.

We are in the home stretch – once the final votes are in, we will advise the bargaining unit of the outcome. Let’s make sure the employer understands that we’re serious about needing a better deal. Together we will stand proud.

Your bargaining committee has worked hard throughout this process, give them the support they need and send a loud message to your employer.

Local 104 Kim Sheppard –

Local 190 Lynette Hayward-Byrd –

Local 423 Pamela Grace –

Local 1246 Mark Smith –

Local 1246 Heather Tucker –

Local 1246 Bill Zebedee –

Local 1246 Dawn Daborn –

NSGEU Deputy Chief Negotiator – Tammy Young

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