In a Nurse’s Words

There is an undeniable crisis in our acute health care system. We’ve documented the problems in previous reports (Code Crisis and Code Critical), but since the pandemic, the situation inside our hospitals has only gotten worse.

NSGEU nurses wanted to have a chance to speak out about what they are experiencing working at the bedside. But they face the risk of serious discipline if they do so.

We have done our best to protect the identity of these nurses while still allowing them to tell their stories, in their own words. We have conducted a series of interviews with nurses who are bravely speaking out about what it is like to be working inside Nova Scotia’s hospitals right now. Our hope is that these videos will open up a dialogue with the employer, government, and public, so we can start making some meaningful improvements in the acute care system immediately, based on feedback we received during our conversations with these nurses.

We will be posting all videos here and on social media as they are released:

Thank you for taking the time to watch and share! #InANursesWords


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