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Message to Child Welfare Social Workers

Dear members, In a report to a standing committee on community services on September 3, Leonard Doiron, the province’s executive director of Child, Youth and Family Supports, argued that working conditions have improved over the last few years for child protection social workers and that there were fewer children in care. He was quoted as […]

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Agreement Reached for Child Welfare Social Workers

An agreement has been reached between the NSGEU and Department of Community Services that will see Child Welfare Social Workers go up one pay grade and receive retroactive pay from April 12, 2017. The Employer had indicated you will receive your retroactive pay within the next six weeks. As you are aware back on April […]

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Dept of Community Services Case Aides Policy Grievance Issued to your Employer on Avoidance

The Union has raised concerns pertaining to Case Aides working within the Department of Community Services. The Employer continues to avoid appointing a number of term employees to permanent. The Department states it is looking at different ways to “optimize the delivery of access and transportation.” In light of this work, the Department has been […]

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Deputy Sheriffs Dept of Justice – Sheriff Services Adjudication Hearing Update

As you may know, NSGEU has been advocating for the department to address the staffing crisis within Sheriff Services. Following a recommendation from the OHS Report, also known as the Beaton Report, a review of the staffing model was conducted through an independent, outside consultant (the Barrington Consulting Group). They prepared a staffing deployment analysis […]

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Important message for Department of Community Services Case Aides

The NSGEU has been contacted by some Case Aides with concerns about their status as permanent employees. In March 2017, DCS implemented a new model of service delivery with respect to the Access and Transportation of children brought into care. As a result of the implementation of this new model, the Employer eliminated the Counsellor […]

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DCS Social Worker Reclass Update, February 27, 2019

Thank you all for your patience, we understand the process is taking longer than originally hoped for. Following a meeting yesterday, February 26, with DCS HR and Public Service Commission representatives we are finalising the settlement of the substantially altered classification grievance. We believe we will be able to share the finalized agreement in the near […]

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DCS Social Worker Reclass Update

NSGEU staff have met with DCS HR and Public Service Commission representatives weekly since the New Year to discuss the settlement of the substantially altered classification grievance. Our latest meeting took place January 22nd. We believe that we are very close to an agreement with the employer, and when it is finalized, we will provide […]

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Tell the Premier you care!

Halifax – The Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union (NSGEU) and the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers (NSCSW) have launched a campaign encouraging Nova Scotians to visit and send a letter asking the Premier for an increase in funding for social programs including Child Welfare in his next budget. “We are speaking out together […]

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NSGEU members in the Vehicle Transportation and Inspection Division – Grievance Update

In 2016, a number of employees with the Vehicle Transportation and Inspection Division (Employer), brought workplace safety concerns to our attention. The Union had meetings with Employees and as a result, a grievance was filed under the Collective Agreement. The grievance was filed under Article 36 of the Civil Service Master Agreement and was issued […]

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Case Aide Classification Appeal Update

Good morning, Over the past months, the Case Aide classification appeal has been discussed with the Public Service Commission (PSC). We are now in the process of arranging a meeting with the PSC and Case Aides so that the PSC can hear first-hand about how Case Aides have been impacted, and the reality of your day-to-day […]

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