Local 104 General Meeting


Apr 26, 2016 - 5:15 PM - 5:15 PM


NSGEU Sydney Office
850 Grand Lake Road, Suite 14, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 5T9, Canada

There will be snacks and food at each site as well as a couple of Prize Draws for those who attend.(Please note: Rules of order and Speakers List will be honored at all meetings)

  1. Introductions/attendance record
  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. Minutes from the last meeting Mar. 22, 2016 (Please review minutes prior to meeting)
  1. New Business: (as submitted)
  1. OH&S – Sarah Ross
  2. Kim Sheppard – Local Council offering, update
  3. Bargaining update – Sarah Ross
  1. Reports: All reports will be deferred until March meeting due to election of delegates.

(2 minute report of Highlights of your last meeting. Request to submit all reports in writing for filing to Secretary) (Priority given this meeting to those reps. who did not get a chance to give their report at the Dec. meeting)

  1. Presidents report – Sarah Ross
  2. Treasurers report – Edwina Boyd
  3. Chief Steward Report – Elizabeth Matheson
  4. Occupational Council report – Edwina Boyd (admin/Clerical) Beth MacMillan (Nsg) Theresa Currie Criss/ Sarah Ross (Alternate) (Healthcare) Claire MacDonald
  5. Regional Council report – Kate Watts/Edwina Boyd/Lois MacDougall/Marie Meagher
  6. Labour Council Report – (GASHA) no reps ?, (CBDHA) – Judy Kelly/Lois MacDougall/Kim Sheppard
  1. Next Meeting:
    1. Schedule: Alternating Third Tuesday/Wednesday of every month (tentative related to NSGEU Convention dates).
  • May 17/16
  • June 15. (July and Aug – break for summer unless pressing issues) (Will reconvene meetings with the new executive when they are voted in after the June meeting)
  1. Any member requiring the conference call option, please request number from an executive member the day before the meeting to ensure you have the correct call in info.
  1. Sarah/Elizabeth/Angela will meet after the meeting to discuss or schedule a mutually agreeable time with members if there are personal issues to be discussed.
  2. Adjournment – Safe drive home everyone! J

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