Opening of the Legislature

Tomorrow the Nova Scotia Legislature, the People’s House, opens for the next legislative session. For five years Stephen McNeil and his Liberal government have ignored, shushed, and dismissed the hard working people of our province.  Many of you, as NSGEU members, see the damage the McNeil arrogance is causing to our hospitals, our forests, our tourism sector, our environment, our wildlife, our fisheries, our jails, and the latest target – our schools.

It is a shame that it is common place for Nova Scotians to flock to the legislature on its opening day. All who can attend the Nova Scotia Rise Up rally at the legislature starting at noon tomorrow are encouraged to.  Together, we can send the Nova Scotia Liberals a message that hard working people deserve to have their voices heard.  If you are able to attend the NSGEU will have supplies (flags, banners) at the North West corner of the Legislature.

Stephen McNeil has pushed our health care system into chaos and now they are willing to do the same to our classrooms.  Have a voice tomorrow at the legislature and today go to and send McNeil and the Liberals a message to stop creating more problems and, instead, work together to fix them.

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