Bully-Free Workplaces

What About Bullying in the Workplace?

Many of our members are suffering from harassment and bullying at work and need support and help. Many other members have mediation and/or facilitation experience as well as occupational health & safety experience. The NSGEU Bully-Free Workplaces program pairs member expertise with member need. It is a practical program that has already helped thousands of members and non-members across the province.

The program, initially developed by 12 members of the NSGEU and supported by NSGEU staff, provides information to members and employers on the identification, prevention and solutions for workplace bullying. Harassment is a form of violence in the workplace and should be treated seriously.

If you think your workplace could benefit from our Bully Free Workplace Program, please contact us at 424-4063, 1-877-556-7438 or inquiry@nsgeu.ca


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